The Power of Rejuvenation

Enhancing your beauty and improving your health and vitality is just a consultation away.

Dr. Suzel Vazquez has distinguished herself for over 20 years in private practice in South Florida as an expert in such fields as bio-identical hormonal replacement, nutrition and weight loss through natural therapies, as well as an expert in aesthetic innovative procedures and treatments. Throughout her career Dr. Vazquez has devoted herself to the personalized medical care of her patients, focusing on their unique needs.

Early detection and preventive medical care has been successful in reversing age-related diseases. It is important to look at how environmental issues, nutrition, and lifestyle impact on the body’s overall wellness and beauty. Dr Vazquez takes a holistic approach that thoroughly examines the practical day to day demands and needs of each patient’s lifestyle.

Personalized Patient Care

Please, look through our Personalized Patient Care Services and discover the tools you need to regain that youthful glow, to achieve hormonal balance, to strengthen your body through performance nutrition, or to shed those extra pounds.

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